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Our Story

Welcome to the Beijing House, which is located within Temple Terrace between 275 and 75. We are only miles from Busch Gardens, Mosi & the University of South Florida.

Our mission is to bring unaltered, most original Chinese dishes to Tampa Bay!

We servering mostly northern style and szechuan spicy food, for example: Beef Burrito, Chong Qing Spicy Chicken, Sezchuan Tea Smoked Duck, Dong Po Pork, Cumin Lamb…..Best selling is Griddled Cooked Style, wok-fried over high heat along with 24 spices and a melange of Chinese medicines, becomes elevated with an abundance of chili peppers, resulting in an exciting and complex flavor profile.

Retro style Chinese designs are blended with romantic and nostalgic elements. The rooms are warm toned and glows in soft light from chinese retro lights, and guests sits in red booth and wood chairs and tables. The vibe is energetic yet relaxing.